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An unbelievably strong man, the most wonderful father, I'm truly thankful he's still alive.

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The phone call a parent dreads to receive.....this is our story

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He is my best friend as well as my dad, its my turn to do something for him now.

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    Please Help Us To Help Him Walk Again. Author Simon Hemmings

    So it started with what I call a double knock phone call, you know the one, the phone call that comes in as it did on the ‎19th September 2015. I was having some breakfast, and it was my friend’s daughter trying to call me.

    Although we hadn't spoken in a few months, I didn't find it strange for her to call me, as we had worked together also. I looked at the phone and thought; I’ll call her back after breakfast. I swiped it off, then it rang again straight away, this is what I call the double knock, the phone call you know needs answered and you know already before you answer it, that's something happened. I knew as soon as I heard her voice that it was bad, dads been airlifted ‎to hospital, he's been hit head on, he's going to lose his leg Simon.

    Well what do you say to that?

    I tried to calm her down and told her to stay positive, he's alive I said, and this will be the start of a very long recovery period.

    My friend john was commuting to work when he ‎was hit by a car coming from the other direction. John lost his right leg from above the knee, but it’s more than that, he’s fighting for his left leg now. His left leg has had multiple breaks to the Femur His tibia has been fixed with a steel rod through the bone, because he lost most of the muscle and tissue around the tibia a part of the bone died due to lack of blood flow. This was removed and a temporary fix was to fill the gap with cement, this was to allow the muscle and skin graft, that has been taken from his back to heal. When this has healed he will have an external cage fitted to his leg which he will adjust over 18 months to encourage his bone to grow 1mm at a time. Damage to heart caused by impact. Fractured vertebrae’s. Open break to his elbow. Broken knuckles. Broken ribs & internal bleeding.

    The further impacts are that his job was as a lorry driver, which now he will never be able to do again. He served for his country and is a very active man, so this accident truly is life changing for him.

    So here is my plea, I want to raise 150,000 pounds to enable us to get john bionic. With the use of robotic limbs, his ability to get back to a normal life, would be so much easier. His life was changed on the 19th September, yet he still doesn't even truly know. Please support me to raise this £150,000 and again change his life. tag1 tag2 tag3



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