Hello from @friendsofjohn!

by s4nner


Welcome to Friends of John!


Please leave a comment below to leave personal messages to John himself, we will try our best to make sure he reads these and sends back a personal response!


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Simon Hemmings

Please comment below to send a message to John Himself!

Thank you for taking the time to do this, every message is important!


Annie Walker

Hiya John – hope all going well and you’re not giving the nurses too much grief. Keep thinking about you and wondering how you’re doing – heard it was only family able to visit so haven’t popped by since I came last time. Let me know your news on how your improving – take care big fella … love Annie xxx


    Simon Hemmings

    Hi Annie,
    Its Simon, Johns Friend, just to let you know, John is doing fantastic, and can get around the hospital in a wheelchair now, so he is actually mobile, there is also coffee shops etc at the hospital.
    Its no longer family only, and i’m sure he would love to have a visit from you!

    Take care!



Hi john, you are the toughest bloke i know, i remember the bbq’s you did, me and james always getting you to show us your guns. All the best wishes in the world for your recovery, will c u very soon


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