Update on Friends of John

by Simon Hemmings

John & Daughter Amy

Hi All,


Just a quick update to say we have reached 75 donations to date £6855 raised so far.

Please keep passing on the website details to friends and family, we still need your support.


Thanks to all the names below whom have helped to get us where we are !

Shuhela Begum,

Bart Krupa,

Marie Fitzjohn,

Sam Yeomans,

Rebecca Hollick,

Maggie Blackburn,

Sam Ward,

Anne Marie Goulding,

Julie Seaward,

John Lynch,

Dane Clark,

Ryan Rossiter,

Brendan Brown,

Nathan Gullin,

Sam Thomas,

Lisa Knapp,

Mandy Tucker,

Sue Gray,

Billy Bradbury,

Katie Lawrence,

Dan Everett,

Andy Welcome,

Seb B,

Sara Mitchell,

Samantha Christie,

Sophie Calderbank,

Alex Barry,

Sonia Barnes,

Alex Barry,

Sonia Barnes,

Brian Gilson,

Shelly Henderson,

Stephanie Kyriacou,

Marky Russell,

Alice Muston,

Sam Corley,

Darren Pedryc.

A Special big thank you to Kathy & David Yeomans,

thanks to Paul Harold,

Amanda Walshe,

Harmony Grant,

Geoff Seaman,

Peter Hefer,

Annie Walker,

kelly Easey,

Eddie Barry,

luke Murphy,

Aimee Wilson,

Dominic Higgins,

Amy Attwood,

Katie Mccrum,

Big Thanks to Declan Cummings

Big thanks to Brian Morrissey!

Huge thank you to Lukman Mish!!

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