My Story, By Amy Squires


On the 19th of September 2015 I received the most devastating phone call, my father had been hit head on by a car whilst riding his motorbike to work. I fell to the floor in a flood of tears and tried to control myself whilst I spoke to my Grandad to get more information.

He told me that dad was on his way to Addenbrooke’s hospital. I called my friend Sarah immediately who struggled to understand a word I was saying through my crying. She was outside my house within 5 minutes, and for that I will be eternally grateful. As we drove to Cambridge I was thinking the same thoughts over and over. Why him? Please keep fighting Dad, we need you more than you will ever know.

Upon arrival the receptionist ushered me into a family quiet room and my stomach hit the floor, I knew this was bad, why do I need to be in this room? As my family arrived the doctors came into the room and told us the extent of his injuries, and that an amputation was required to save his life.

The damage to his left leg is severe, and it is still early days for the recovery. After weeks of sedation and intensive care, he has woken up with a smile on his face.  My father is an incredible man, the most wonderful father and he is a fighter. I am amazed at his strength and I am thankful for his life . He deserves the world and it is so important to us to give him the absolute best of a terrible situation, we need your help to do this.