Our Story-By Sam & Sue. The parents.


On the 19th of September dad was up a ladder cleaning up and preparing the outside of the house for decorating down in Paignton, Devon, when Mum came out shouting the Hospital is on the phone to inform us John had been in an serious road accident. Within the hour we were motoring 6 hours up the road to Addenbrooke Hospital Cambridge. We will not go into the details of his injuries as they have been fully documented in Simon’s account, suffice to say they were horrendous.

John is a loving son who has always been big and strong in both person and personality and he is a devoted father to Amy and John. In an awful situation like this there are no words to describe the enormity of how life shattering an experience his accident has been for him, us his parents and his children. We went through many emotions, shock, worry, disbelief, emotional pain and stress. Then relief that he had survived and was stable. After a number of operations, 2 of which were of 10 hours duration, and a week heavily sedated in the critical care unit he came round and it was not long before he was joking and smiling. His injuries are life changing. He acknowledges and accepts that it will be a very long road ahead to recovery but he is showing great courage and a determination to do whatever is needed to get back to walking again. John being just John says in a matter of fact way “It is what it is, you cannot change it, and you have just got to get on with it”. We are both amazed and very proud of John for the very positive and brave way that he has accepted and faced up to the horrendous and life changing injuries. It will be a vastly different way of life for him but with his strength of character and good sense of humour he will come out of this positive, and will live a different but full life and be savouring every minute. We love him very much and we very much appreciate the kind and generous support given by family, friends and everyone contributing to help make his new way of life bearable and possible. In our eyes he is just amazing.